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Our History

Pastor Jack Turner founded Meriden Hills Baptist Church in 1976.

Pastor Turner and his family moved from Michigan to Connecticut with a purpose: to plant a church in the city of Meriden, CT. While standing atop Castle Craig, Pastor Turner saw all the mountains surrounding Meriden and decided on the name of the new church: Meriden Hills Baptist Church.

The first service was held at the YWCA building in Meriden, CT on October 24, 1976 with 12 people in attendance. The following year, the church grew in attendance to 45 members and was officially incorporated, and formed its charter membership on Easter Sunday, 1977.

For the first 15 years, Meriden Hills Baptist Church met at the YWCA building in Meriden. In 1992, the church purchased property located at 71 Parker Avenue. Five years later, Stop and Shop offered to buy the building and land. The church was able to sell the building and use the proceeds to purchase our current location: 139 Charles Street.

Throughout her history, Meriden Hills Baptist Church has been blessed with four faithful pastors who have served God’s people. Pastor Jack Turner (founding pastor) served from 1976–1997. Pastor Ed Cowger served from 1997–1999 as an interim pastor. Pastor Chris Atkinson served from 2000–2016. Pastor Russ Smith has served as the senior pastor since 2016.