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Our Mission & Values

God’s mission has always been people. Throughout Scripture, we see God reaching out to people and drawing them to His saving Grace. God has placed Meriden Hills Baptist Church here to reach the people of Meriden and her surrounding area. The ministries, outreach programs, missions funding, and worship services of our church are focused on these two goals: glorify God and minister to people.

Commitment to Christ:

We are called Christians because we claim to be “Christ followers.” We cannot rightly claim the title of Christian if we refuse to place Christ in His rightful place: the Savior of mankind and the founder of His church. All members, including the pastors, follow Christ not men.

Commitment to Scripture:

We believe that God gave His inspired Word to the Saints and has kept His promise of preserving Scripture for all generations. Our belief in God is founded on the truth of His Word. What we know about God cannot be trusted if His Word cannot be trusted. We believe that God has kept His inspired Word free from error and is available to the English-speaking people in the form of the King James Bible. God’s Word holds the highest respect and authority within the teaching and philosophy of all worship services and ministries.

Commitment to the Gospel:

After His resurrection, Christ gave His disciples a final command: bring the Gospel to every part of the earth. God cares about the physical and emotional needs of all people, but His biggest concern has always been the spiritual needs of mankind. God desires that all people accept His Son as Savior and receive the promise of eternal life. God has asked His church to be the messengers of this great news and we are honored to hold such an important task. Meriden Hills Baptist Church offers multiple ministries with the intent of spreading the Gospel locally. We also financially support over fifteen international ministries that focus on both the spiritual and physical needs of people.

Commitment to Worship:

At Meriden Hills, we desire that our Sunday morning musical worship be God-directed, Christ-centered and congregationally accessible. We want to be a church that sings! The Apostle Paul directs us to do the same, “…teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.” (Colossians 3:16). Musical worship here is not performance based. We have the privilege of singing to one another, reminding each other of the matchless worth of Jesus. 

Commitment to Relationships:

God’s church is not a building but rather the people who worship in it. If God’s church consists of people, then we must place a high priority on meeting the needs of God’s people. While our worship services are focused on Christ, we offer many ministries to disciple and encourage God’s people. Many of these ministries are designed to encourage lasting relationships with God’s people. God does not intend for you to journey through your Christian faith alone, He has given you the Holy Spirit and His church. Join us and begin making solid connections with God’s people.

Commitment to Service:

Jesus Christ asked his followers to be servants and to place themselves beneath those whom they serve. The leaders of Meriden Hills Baptist Church strive to follow the example and teaching of Christ in all areas, including service. The church has not been given to serve its leadership, but rather the leadership has been given to serve the church.